Future of scientific practice

Bio-Techno-Logos: The Future of Scientific Practice

Future of scientific practiceThe Future of Scientific Practice: ‘Bio-Techno-Logos’ ed. by Marta Bertolaso is an early book-length product of the network that resulted into the Bio-Techno-Practice hub.

The collection makes a strong contribution to current debates in the philosophy of science and the changing role of scientific practice. The book explores the interplay between biological, technological and theoretical ways of thinking by focusing on cell dynamics, molecular medicine and robotics. The direction of modern science means that these areas can no longer be explored independently but must be integrated if we are to better understand the world.

Table of contents

Introduction: Philosophy within Science
 Marta Bertolaso

Part I: Biological Dynamics

1. Microscopic and Macroscopic Insights of Dynamic Cell Behaviour
 Kumar Selvarajoo

2. News from the ‘Twilight Zone’: Protein Molecules between the Crystal and the Watch
 Alessandro Giuliani

3. Limits to Deterministic-Linear Causality in Biomedicine: Effects of Stochasticity and Non-Linearity in Molecular Networks
 Sui Huang

4. Embodied Intelligence in the Biomechatronic Design of Robots
 Dino Accoto, Eugenio Guglielmelli and Cecilia Laschi

Part II: Reflecting on Scientific Understanding and Understanding by Building

5. Managing Complexity: Model-Building in Systems Biology and its Challenges for Philosophy of Science
 Miles MacLeod

6. Stratification and Biomedicine: How Philosophy Stems from Medicine and Biotechnology
 Federico Boem, Giovanni Boniolo and Zsuzsa Pavelka

7. Epistemology of Robotics: An Outline
 Giampaolo Ghilardi

Part III: Towards a Development of a Philosophy of Scientific Practice

8. Prediction and Prescription in Biological Systems: The Role of Technology for Measurement and Transformation
 Wenceslao J Gonzalez

9. Teleology and Mechanism in Biology
 Marco Buzzoni

10. Scientific Understanding and the Explanatory Use of False Models
 Antonio Diéguez

11. Bio-Techno-Logos and Scientific Practice
 Marta Bertolaso, Nicola Di Stefano, Giampaolo Ghilardi and Alfredo Marcos